Thanks to Trekell, we are bringing out my favorite tools for glazing. These transparent paints are the ones I use with just about every painting. I mix them with each other and even my more opaque paints for various effects. An example of a good approach with these paints would be to under-paint lets say a character monochromatically, allow to dry. Lay in a bit of your paint, the yellow Iron oxide, and blend it through with a slightly damp brush, allow to dry or blow dry, blend in another choice color, perhaps the red iron oxide to different areas that you are rendering, allow to dry, add some opaque highlights with a lighter color, dry, repeat first steps again. If you find your section getting too glossy to adhere your painty to, allow to fully dry, add some matte medium to entire painting and go back to glazing. These transparent layers will create a luminous effect to your finished painting upon final varnishing. I am currently working on a piece and filming this process on a section of it to share with you how this works so stay tuned and let us know of any other techniques you might be interested in seeing.

Each set comes with four 2 oz. paint bottles and includes a FREE Stabby sticker!