LAST CHANCE to view "I'M SCARED: THE MOVIE!" at the Virginia MOCA

I'm Scared: The Movie! will be playing during the Lightbulb Moments animation exhibition at the Virginia, MOCA until Sunday, August 19thRead more...

"In our society, everything moves forward with innovation: culture, communication, technology, and travel. But we cannot innovate without creativity and imagination. Making new connections and ideas moves us forward both in our communities and as a species. In the past few years, there have been growing concerns regarding the American Educational system and its ability to foster creativity in children." 

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New Interview on Kidrobot Blog is Live

Posted from Kidrobot's blog...

Tomorrow is the release of the Kidrobot x City Cryptid Dunny Art Mini Series. The series features 10 fabulous artists including Greg “Craola” Simkins, an artist we’ve kept an eye on for quite some time since the Kidrobot Dunny Series 3 with his “Ima Monsta”. We are thrilled he is now a part of such an imaginative series! Getting his start in the late 90’s Pop Surrealism and graffiti, we are amazed by all his pieces that manage to perfectly capture some of our wildest dreamscapes and apply them to today. Getting to know Greg a little better, we decided to ask him a few questions about himself and his pieces in the series..check out what he had to say!

Celebrating this series and these artists, we are having the Kidrobot x 3D Retro City Cryptid Dunny Mini Series RELEASE PARTY at 3D Retro where you will be able to chat up the artists and get some cool stuff.

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"Beyond the Streets" - EXTENDED through August 26th!

Beyond the Streets is extending their LA exhibition until Sunday, August 26th! Come see the evolution of Graffiti, Street Art and Beyond: Friday Saturday and Sunday, now through August! They’ll be holding special events every Thursday with @adidasskateboarding and @adidasoriginals- details coming soon #beyondthestreets . Over 50,000 visitors so far and growing! Don’t miss out on this amazing event! Visit for more info.

"Beyond the Streets" - On view through July 6th

I'm extremely honored to be part of this amazing show in Los Angeles which is on view until July 6th.  BEYOND THE STREETS is the premier exhibition of graffiti, street art and beyond, celebrating the soaring heights to which the world’s most recognizable modern art movement has risen. BEYOND THE STREETS is a groundbreaking multimedia showcase of paintings, sculpture, photography, installations and more throughout 40,000+ sq ft of industrial indoor and outdoor space. Visit for more info.

"THE ESCAPE ARTIST" on view until June 16th, 2018



Solo Exhibition of new works by


KP Projects Gallery
170 S. La Brea Avenue (in the ART 170 building)
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-4308
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6pm



I have been taking refuge in my memories lately. Memories of the first time I saw a whale in the wild, seeing a meteor shower, and of all the daydreams that kept my wandering mind entertained as a child. Memories like these have become part of my subconscious and reinvigorate me each time I sit down to sketch out an idea for a painting.  These memories are a lifeline inviting me to climb down a portal into another world, where I get to escape daily by just picking up a brush. I truly do experience this escape each time I paint. It has become a therapy that reminds me that imaginations are real, and sharing my creativity visually is a healthy way of expressing that gift. I feel the most comfortable when I get lost in a piece, always leaving room for spontaneous ideas to pop into place as the story unfolds. I am "The Escape Artist" in this instance, and my new collection of works take you on a journey through the rabbit holes I venture down as I draw and paint. What better escape could there be, than to hop on the back of a bird and fly off into other worlds?

-Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins

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Giclée on PAPER
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Reminder: "Beyond the Familiar" - Opens Friday, May 11th


249-251 Elizabeth St,
Melbourne VIC 3000 AUSTRALIA

Exhibit runs through Monday, June 4th, 2018

Click here to sign up to the show preview and RSVP to the opening night.

24" x 18"
Acrylic on Canvas Wrapped Panel, Framed
Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins

My painting, "Back Outside" is a snapshot from my ongoing series of works from "The Outside" and pictures our hero, Ralf/The White Knight upon re-entering the world which took his friend, Jacob some time ago. He has made a couple new friends this time to help him on his journey. A blue jay named Breeze, a mischievous rabbit named Bags (who always wears a bag over his head), and a Tiger-like creature named Doc. Together, they look into the book which brought Ralf back to "The Outside". Who is the ominous creature with glowing eyes looking on in the background? Why is he back?

- Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins