"The Glass Piñata" at Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum

My painting, "The Glass Piñata" which measures 5 x 3 feet is currently on display at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum

"The Glass Piñata" is the result of a couple different story elements coming together into one overall composition. I had been pondering the blissful ignorance of youth, which at times left us vulnerable to the elements and possible dangers that could be veiled as something sweet and desirable. In the background, we see three of our heroic "Scared Scouts" as they have just stumbled upon a piñata hanging from a tree, just over the wall from our world and in "The Outside". Without any concern for their safety, they seek to unleash the treasure from this Piñata made of glass which will inevitably cut their bare feet and hands upon their success. A girl sits on the wall dividing the worlds, wearing a fake smile, the graffiti on the wall beneath her reads "I told you so!".  Perhaps she told them of the dangers of trying to get those toffees and properly put some boots on as an example of the right thing to do, but as boys so often do, they shrugged off her warning to be the first ones to the tree. Take a look at the painting "Shoot The Moon" to see what happens to one of these Scouts.    - Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins

The Glass Piñata  Acrylic on Canvas Wrapped Panel 60” x 36” Greg "CRAOLA' Simkins, 2016

The Glass Piñata

Acrylic on Canvas Wrapped Panel
60” x 36”
Greg "CRAOLA' Simkins, 2016

ALTREALITIES: The Fantastical Worlds & Creatures of Contemporary Artists 

SEPT. 8 - NOV. 26, 2017

A popular theme with artists today is the exploration of alternate universes outside our perception of reality. Like Alice’s journey to Wonderland, these surreal landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them serve as windows into realms that feel familiar but are twisted to reveal new perspectives. AltRealities brings together artists whose work alludes to the possibility of other worlds that exist beyond our own, even if they are only imaginary.

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