Black books + Strikers

Years ago, I would spend countless hours writing and drawing in black books. I remember getting my first one when I was 17 and the possibilities were endless. It was also very important to have a good quantity of pencils, sketching markers, colored pencils and pens to make sure the pieces I put in looked sick.  These days, I still keep sketchbooks going, they mostly hold my thoughts as I jot them down messy and quickly in order not to lose them. It’s the idea that I am trying to capture and its funny but the tools are still the same and just as important. These black books prepared me for painting walls and canvases. They prepared me for laying out t-shirt graphics and rock posters. I still look through my old piece books as time capsules to where my head was at in my younger days and compare them with what I am drawing now. I will always value that first book though, it set me onto the path that I am on today.

Photo by  Brent Broza   CRAOLA  With  2SHAE ,  7SEAS , &  PLEK  Redondo Beach, CA, 2014

Photo by Brent Broza
Redondo Beach, CA, 2014

FINAL WEEK to view the Heavy Metal 40th Anniversary Exhibit

THIS IS THE FINAL WEEK to view the Heavy Metal 40th Anniversary Group Art Exhibition at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. The exhibition will be on view until Saturday, August 19th.  My painting, "Back Outside" is a snapshot from my ongoing series of works from "The Outside" and pictures our hero, Ralf/The White Knight upon re-entering the world which took his friend, Jacob some time ago. He has made a couple new friends this time to help him on his journey. A bluejay named Breeze, a mischievous rabbit named Bags (who always wears a bag over his head), and a Tiger-like creature named Doc. Together, they look into the book which brought Ralf back to "The Outside". Who is the ominous creature with glowing eyes looking on in the background? Why is he back?

24" x 18"
Acrylic on Canvas Wrapped Panel, Framed
Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins, 2017

Group Exhibition

On display until Saturday, August 19th
Copro Gallery
Bergamot Station Arts Complex
2525 Michigan Ave , Unit T5,
Santa Monica , CA 90404

Wednesday - Saturday: 1-6pm
(or by appointment)

Gary Pressman, Gallery Director or call 310-829-2156

Now available: "Passing Notes" Limited Edition Scarf

A perfect gift for Valentine's Day - beautiful to wear and incredibly soft scarf with "Passing Notes" artwork by Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins.

This limited edition scarf is made in England, using a fabric that is knitted especially for us. They are a giant 140cm x 140cm that can be worn in a number of ways.

Each scarf is sequentially numbered, each design is a very small edition size of just 66. Available at This Is A Limited Edition.

'The Messenger' Queen West Leggings CRAOLA LTD SERIES


Stand out in a sea of black with our bold and beautiful Queen West Leggings. Comfort and fashion have finally come together and the results are fabulous. Classroom to club, boardroom to boardwalk, you can rock these with confidence wherever life takes you.

  • Featuring original artwork by Greg 'Craola' Simkins
  • A limited edition of 75 pairs will ever be produced
  • Part of the CRAOLA Collection
  • 4 way stretch for the ultimate in all-day comfort
  • Moisture transport system wicks sweat to keep you cool and dry
  • 80/20 poly-elastane blend
  • Garment runs true to size
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry
  • Made in Toronto, Canada


Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins has collaborated with Denik and Juxtapoz Magazine to create two limited edition notebooks featuring his artwork titled "Finding Home".  Pick up a 5x8 notebook to doodle or write your random, witty thoughts in. Or snatch one of these gorgeous 8x10 spiral sketchbooks to create masterpieces on the inside as great as the one on the cover.  

Help these journals find a home and purchase one for yourself and everyone you know while supplies last! Once these babies are gone, they are gone for good! 

Juxtapoz x Craola Notebook



Juxtapoz x Craola Sketchbook


'Black Flash' Scuba Dress CRAOLA LTD SERIES


Hang up your little black dress and slip into an exceptional work of art. Designed meticulously inside and out, this structured body-contouring scuba dress will hug you in all the right places.

  • Featuring original artwork by Greg 'Craola' Simkins
  • A very limited edition of 50 pieces will ever be produced
  • Part of the CRAOLA Collection
  • Garment runs true to size
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry
  • Micropoly-elastane blend
  • Made in Toronto, Canada