Meet "Bags and Friends"...

Bags and Friends  27" x 18" Acrylic on canvas, framed Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins, 2017   INQUIRE

Bags and Friends
27" x 18"
Acrylic on canvas, framed
Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins, 2017

Years ago I created a character called "The Pearl Thief". He was a pointed mask and cloak wearing fiend who did the evil bidding of Jacob, "The Night Knight" in our world and in "The Outside".

Over the years, The Pearl Thief took on a persona and I discovered that Peter was his name. Like in many of my paintings, stories began bouncing through may head. I developed a fondness for a particular fox and created a back story for him, which involves a group of rascals who call themselves "Briars". They harass evil overlords and what not (much like Robin Hood and Little John) and left their mark of the Briars everywhere they went.

Well, Bags is Peter's best friend in all the mischief-making. He is a rabbit-like creature who wears masks made up of old bags to cover his scars given to him by a large wolf. A wolf that Peter in turn beats in a match known as "Peter and the Wolves". I believe that it will be Bags who introduces Ralf to the ways of "The Outside" once he returns. Bags is always on the search for his lost friend Peter, and has no idea that it is him who now works for the evil "Night Knight" in the tower. - Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins

"Bags and Friends" will be on display for the Crime on Canvas group exhibition at the Western Hotel (Downtown Las Vegas) as part of the Life is Beautiful Music Festival the weekend of September 22nd - 24th, 2017.

FINAL WEEK to view the Heavy Metal 40th Anniversary Exhibit

THIS IS THE FINAL WEEK to view the Heavy Metal 40th Anniversary Group Art Exhibition at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. The exhibition will be on view until Saturday, August 19th.  My painting, "Back Outside" is a snapshot from my ongoing series of works from "The Outside" and pictures our hero, Ralf/The White Knight upon re-entering the world which took his friend, Jacob some time ago. He has made a couple new friends this time to help him on his journey. A bluejay named Breeze, a mischievous rabbit named Bags (who always wears a bag over his head), and a Tiger-like creature named Doc. Together, they look into the book which brought Ralf back to "The Outside". Who is the ominous creature with glowing eyes looking on in the background? Why is he back?

24" x 18"
Acrylic on Canvas Wrapped Panel, Framed
Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins, 2017

Group Exhibition

On display until Saturday, August 19th
Copro Gallery
Bergamot Station Arts Complex
2525 Michigan Ave , Unit T5,
Santa Monica , CA 90404

Wednesday - Saturday: 1-6pm
(or by appointment)

Gary Pressman, Gallery Director or call 310-829-2156