CRAOLA Playlist on Be Street (2 of 2)

“If my early 20′s self were asked to put together a top 10 playlist, out of my insecurities, I would probably just stick to one genre’ with the misguided belief that by hiding my real taste in music, my peers wouldn’t make fun of me. If I look back, I was deeply into hip-hop through the 80s- to the beginning of the 90′s then made a hard turn to Punk and Rock in about 91-92 and just sat there for a while. The older I have gotten and the more I sit in front of a canvas and sample music in the background, I am completely all over the place with no more boundaries or genre´ loyalties, so here is a mis-shapen list of some songs that I enjoy driving to or painting and drawing to.”   

- Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins

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