New painting video: "Foggy Knight"

I’m proud to present my newest painting video of “Foggy Knight”. This video is a time-lapse demonstration of what can be achieved with acrylic on canvas. My paintings tend to tie together as snapshots from various parts of an overarching story. I view them as chapter headings or "coming soon" movie posters that highlight some of what you might experience when diving into this world. Here is just a little glimpse of "The Outside":

Below the clouds, and below the gaze of the western cliffs and the abandoned place. Where the fog is thick and the echoes stir, then out of the wetness, a change occurs. He leaves the sea in his brand new form. Once a "Mer", now dinosaur! This Foggy Knight counts on the sound, of thunder and waves, crashing around. They hide his entrance. he carries out his task. To bring news to The Gardner of the Fool-King in the mask. His friends are all close; they shepherd him forth. Because strength in numbers will deliver him north. Where a group of knights of the order of stars, gather together on a beach not too far. And what is the topic, the conversation at hand? Where are all the children? Why have they left this land? And who is this charmer who feels like a viper? Is he a minstrel? Is he a piper? This group that gathers will do all they can, To get back the children and defeat this dark-Pan. It will take an army to fight his army of frights, So assembled in numbers, are the brave Starry Knights!

- Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins